john smitherQueets Wilderness Peak Trail
Show consisted of two large installations focusing on a slice of suburban Seattle wild space at Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. Using painted panels surrounding video, the works pay tribute as altar pieces to a memory of time and place.
I'm just here to see Bigfoot
Musings of an invasive species
Paintings, woodcuts, HD video and a lost journal focusing on the area around the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Nat. Forest, all contemplating the artist's experience as an outsider to the Pacific NW.
4 yards
Meditations and recordings
2013 exhibit at Core featuring four installations of paintings, woodcut, video and old TVs. The show focused on impressions of four different friends yards in Seattle.
Queets In Coyote Temple
A year in Cheasty Green Space
2012 exhibit at Core Gallery in Seattle. Impressions of an urban wild area located in South Seattle. It follows a seasonal cycle of native growth and invasive species all under the detached eye of the neighborhood’s apex predator.
Cedars vs. Blackberries
Seattle Back Alley Brawl
2011 exhibit at Core Gallery in Seattle. A visceral study of the interaction between these two iconic species as it plays out across seasons.
Work inspired by the biomass that overwhelms Seattle.
Queets Fullersburg
A sampling of a series of pieces that follow the change of seasons in the Fullersburg Forest Preserve outside of Chicago
Queets Dark Earth
Selected work from a solo exhibit "Dark Earth" in Chicago.
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Queets wilderness peak