john smither Artist Statement My concerns lie more with the capturing of a feeling of time and place rather than an accurate physical rendering. I take fairly simple subjects and inject them with a visual rhythm and emotional interpretation. Season, place, time of day, and visceral experience all come into play. I intentionally give hooks of the recognizable which allow the viewer to be drawn in and participate with their own feelings and experiences of the subject.
Most of my recent work involves plant forms which are interspersed with abstracted animal forms in the negative space. The intent is not to hide critters, but to allow the viewer to get the feeling that the fauna is there even if it isn’t seen. This is how I think we experience nature in most circumstances - a constant play between what you see is around you and what you think is around you.


Core Seattle, WA - 2016
Solo Exhibit – Small Visits
Installations of video, paintings and woodcuts

City Arts Magazine’s Summer Art Walk Awards
Seattle June, 201

Core Seattle, WA - 2015
Solo Exhibit – Wilderness Peak Trail
Paintings on panel, interactive video

On the Boards
Seattle, WA - 2014
As part of their "Open Studio" program. A live on-stage version of the I'm just here to see Bigfoot show featuring narration, project imagery, video and live performance

On the Ground Floor
Los Angeles, CA - 2014
Group Exhibit - Smaller version of the I'm just here to see Bigfoot

Seattle, WA - 2014
Solo Exhibit - I'm just here to see Bigfoot - musings of an invasive species
Works on panel, woodcuts and video

Gallery at Lake Forest Part
Seattle, WA - 2013
Selected pieces from 2013 "4 Yards" exhibit

Seattle, WA - 2013
Solo Exhibit - 4 Yards
Works on canvas, woodcuts and video

Juried Arts at the Port Exhibit
Anacortes, WA - 2012
Juried Exhibit

Ida Culver Broadview
Seattle, WA - 2012
Shadows and Reflections Show
Juried Exhibit

Seattle, WA - 2012
Solo Exhibit - In Coyote Temple
Works on canvas, woodcuts

Carco Theatre
Renton, WA - 2012
Solo Exhibit - Mixed media works on canvas and paper

Featured artist at the following venues - 2011-2
Edward Jones - Seattle
Pig 'n Whistle - Seattle
Calamity Jane's - Seattle
A-1 Piano - Seattle
Alchemy Salon - Seattle
Wine World - Seattle

Seattle, WA - 2011
Solo Exhibit – Cedars vs. Blackberries
Mixed media works on canvas and paper

Collective Visions Show
Bremerton, WA - 2011
State wide juried exhibit

La Familia Gallery
Seattle, WA - 2010
Various works shown in salon

University Inn
Seattle, WA – 2010
Solo exhibit, mixed media drawings

Verve Bistro and Cellar
Seattle, WA – 2010
Solo exhibit, mixed media drawings

Small Works Gallery
Seattle, WA - 1994
Selected mixed media drawings

Gallery Ten
Rockford, IL - 1993
Featured Artist, mixed media drawings

Around the Coyote Exhibit
Chicago, IL - 1992
Solo exhibit Selected mixed media drawings

Sacramento Fine Arts Center
Sacramento, CA - 1992
Magnum Opus - National Juried Exhibition

Gallery Ten
Rockford, IL - 1992
Six Annual Regional Exhibition – selected works

East Pilsen Artist Guild Open House
Chicago IL - 1991
Solo exhibit - mix media drawings and Prints

Around the Coyote Exhibit
Chicago, IL - 1991
Solo exhibit - selected mixed media drawings and prints

Worchester Art Center Summer Exhibit
Appleton, WI - 1991
Mixed media drawings

Center of Contemporary Arts
St. Louis, MO - 1991
Juried Exhibit of prints from around the U.S.A.

East Pilson Artist Guild Open House
Chicago, IL - 1990
Solo Exhibit mixed media drawing and prints

Quinlan Gallery
Chicago, IL - 1990
Solo Exhibit of mixed media drawings and prints

Wholsum Roc Gallery
Chicago, IL - 1989
Solo Exhibit Mixed Media Drawings and video

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